Compassion Centered Conflict Clearing

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This offering uses the approaches of restorative justice–a form of justice that focuses on repairing the harm inflicted on a victim and community––to heal broken relationships. The fundamental idea of restorative justice is that crime is an injury and actions must be taken to facilitate healing. By adopting and implementing the fundamentals of restorative justice, ruptured relationships can be healed and restored.  


During the process, I hold space for participating individuals to identify fractures in their relationship, take accountability, and identify steps to repair the what’s been broken. I also create a safe space for parties to express and acknowledge one another’s needs and provide the tools needed to increase harmony long-term. 


Some mediums used to achieve this include written expression, meditation, journaling, and reflective exercise. 


Key focus areas:


  • Relationships dynamics

  • Cohabitation and roommates

  • Building trust

  • Increasing understanding

Group Healing Testimonial _ Ra

Ra Malika Imhotep

I am beyond grateful to be in community and spiritual work with J.Greathouse. This work has brought me closer to myself and my ancestors. Giving me tools for survival