Group Facilitation & Training

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Are you looking for holistic ways to improve group dynamics and increase vibrations within your organization or community? The group training and facilitation offering can help you work through communication challenges, broken trust, misaligned values, and workplace burnout. 


Through the use of interactive techniques, I help you build the confidence needed for healthy communication, provide tools that help you remain centered, and teach you to manage stress.  


Core focus areas include:




-Spirituality in therapeutic spaces 

-Incorporating wellness into the workplace 


I work with a range of groups from various walks of life. Some settings I facilitate group training in are:


  • Schools 

  • Community centers 

  • Tech organizations

  • College campuses 

  • Outdoor wellness organizations 

  • Non-profit organizations 

  • Government health departments


If you’re ready to unwrap the present through mindfulness and experience heightened inner harmony within your organization, Book Now. 

Group Healing Testimonial _ Ra

Ra Malika Imhotep

I am beyond grateful to be in community and spiritual work with J.Greathouse. This work has brought me closer to myself and my ancestors. Giving me tools for survival