Group Healing Circles

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Working within communities to raise the consciousness of group dynamics. We will explore various interactive techniques that focus on unwrapping the present through mindfulness, designing inner harmony through stress management and building up confidence that will create space for healthy forms of communication.

I believe in the collective healing power. Yes we are all individually responsible for our own healing journey, yet we are also connected in many ways. I create a sacred container for all to be witnessed, heard, comforted while also allowing for unspoken needs to come forward. We remove and clear any blockages that are hindering the process of the group. We incorporate various tools including visualization, sound, affirmations, ritual, energetic and spiritual guidance- whatever seeks to move through the presence of the space. 

Every individual is responsible for their healing, but there is power in collective healing. This is why healing circles are so powerful. If you’ve experienced the heartache that emanates from ruptured relationships, broken trust, and toxic communication, you can especially benefit from this offering.  


My intimate healing circle promotes self-exploration within a group setting. You’ll be immersed into a warm circle of individuals committed to helping one another heal. Each circle comprises a maximum of 15 people and can take place online or offline. 


Expect an empathetic and supportive atmosphere where you can bear your heart without interruption and extend the same grace to others. It is a cathartic process that fosters deeper listening and reflection. Within this sacred space, you’ll be seen, heard and comforted; we create room for unspoken needs to surface. The ultimate goal is to be fluid and make way for whatever seeks to move through the presence of the space. We also remove any blockages hindering vulnerability, open communication, and healing. 


Some key tools used to help facilitate healing are:


  • Visualization 

  • Sound 

  • Affirmations 

  • Rituals 

  • Energetic and spiritual guidance 


Through these healing circles, you can benefit from improved communication skills, enhanced listening skills, boosted self-esteem, and a greater sense of community. 

Group Healing Testimonial _ Ra

Ra Malika Imhotep

I am beyond grateful to be in community and spiritual work with J.Greathouse. This work has brought me closer to myself and my ancestors. Giving me tools for survival