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3 tools to support your Clearing + Release

Ceremony: Sacred Bathtime, a powerful way to cleanse and clear is drawing a bath while infusing it with a little extra loving! One of my go to combinations is a Epsom salt + Rosewater mixture. This one both detoxifies while also adding a sweet softness to the process. Prior to stepping into the bath, verbalize the 2-3 things you are clearing. Top of the mood with lighting your favorite candle with a relaxing playlist and take time to truly wash away what no longer serves you. Once complete declare “ I am clear of _____, and I release it from this point forward”. As the water lowers into the drain visualize everything being cleared with it. Extinguish your candle to complete the ceremony.

Crystals: When doing clearing work crystals can be very loving supports. I highly recommend working with selenite or clear quartz for clearing. During this time you can sleep with the crystal under your pillow for clearing. Wear it on you throughout the day. Or sit with the crystal in hand (palms facing up) a few minutes in the morning or evening and receive the clearing energy that is amplified by these particular crystals.

Closing: For those who like physical acts of release burning or shredding might be great practices for you. On a blank piece of paper write out what you are releasing, what is being cleared and why it is being released. Take a moment and visualize the words on the paper vanishing into nothingness. Offer the energy or the words, the emotions associated with the words BACK to the nothingness in which it came. Allow the Universe/God/Source to compost and transform it into fertilizer to support growth and healing. End the ceremony with burning (please be mindful of fire safety and do not leave unattended) or shredding-cutting/tearing the paper you started with. Flush the remnants down the toilet for completion.

Have fun with these! Allow your intuition to guide you, this is YOUR healing ritual and trust you know what is best for your process. These are frameworks to build upon- make it your own!

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