Invoke Visibility, Empowerment, the ultimate glow up. This spray is for those days you wake up feeling yourself!  Or maybe need a little boost before a presentation or meeting.


Intention:  I embody high vibrational frequencies, I glow, I am condient  


Addresses: fear of being seen, creative blockages, low self worth, lack of sense of self 


Chakras: solar plexus, heart 


Attuned to the frequency  of: 396hz-528h (639hz)z


Auric Glow

  •  Ylang Ylang, Lemongrass, Rose, Witch hazel (natural preservative)


  • My intuitively crafted sprays made from natural ingredients that are created with the highest vibrational frequency. I pour love, wholeness, and abundance into each bottle via energy work, sound frequencies, and the use of crystals.