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Energy work is an ancient healing technique traced back to various cultures around the globeThe technique is based on the principle of free and uninterrupted energy flow. It helps activate the natural healing processed in the body and restores your physical and emotional well being.

Clear Energy + Balance Chakras

Energy Work+ Chakra main
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Life can be unpredictable- you may not always have time to perform rituals or go to a retreat to tend to your wellness needs. My mood mist  are therapeutic grade essential oil sprays that can be described as energy in a bottle.

Mood Mist

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On this journey, we will increase your ability to tap into your personal healing power by utilizing an array of tools gifted to us from Nature and Ancestors. Reinforcing the truth of you being your own healer, we will harness the power of self-healing to increase your capacity to create your distinct path for living a vibrant life.

Intuitive Healing Guidance

Intuitive Healing Guidance |
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Holistic Therapy is the fusion of formal mental health practices with natural and intuitive forms of healing. Holistic Therapy will assess individuals as whole entities, rather than through separation.

Holistic Clinical

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Holistic Counseling Mentorship for Therapist

​I offer support and guidance as we work through some of these common concerns together. You receive  individualized mentorship sessions. Our work includes space to reflect on where you have been, assessment of how your work is currently going and visioning all of the possibilities that await you. 

Clear Energy + Balance Chakras
Holistic Clinical Therapy
Intuitive Healing Guidance
Mood Mist
Holistic Counseling Mentorship for Therapist

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