Holistic Clinical Therapy


Holistic Therapy is the fusion of formal mental health practices with natural and intuitive forms of healing. Holistic Therapy will assess individuals as whole entities, rather than through separation. This service is designed to support you while addressing mental health conditions through an integrative whole self-approach. We journey to identify root causes contributing to the condition, not merely treating symptoms.


Available online to residents of California

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I have thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated my sessions with J.Greathouse. I definitely feel like I'm addressing my goals during our sessions and feel a greater sense of clarity after each one. She's a very skilled therapist and healer. She helps guide me to peel away layers of a particular stuck pattern or thought until I reach the root cause. She also helps me practice staying present with whatever is coming up during a particular trigger. These sessions have been an immense help for me as I transition through a period of great change in my life. Thank you, J!