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Clear Energy + Balance Chakras


Energy  Balancing is a healing technique based on the principle of free and uninterrupted energy flow. It helps activate the natural healing processed in the body and restores your physical and emotional well being.


Sessions can be conducted in person or through distance healing. Inquire about energetic cleanses for your home/office/personal space.

Energy Work+ Chakra main

Service review


Shirley Johnson


Michal (MJ) Jones

J. Greathouse is a beautiful intuitive.  Her energy work is very generous and I often would leave our sessions feeling deeply restores, calm and inspired by the insights she would share with me.  I could feel my nervous system relax in the presence of J and the healing space she creates to work within. I felt I could surrender and relax and be safe to receive the nourishment my energetic body was parched for as someone who works in high-stress environments.  I am thankful for the gifts she shares!

J.Greathouse is a gifted healer with a powerful but soft presence and almost uncanny clairvoyance. I often arrive feeling overwhelmed and disconnected to myself, and by the end of our time together, I am clear on what steps I need to take for my own healing journey. J combines sound, touch and light to create a relaxing environment where I can do the deep and challenging work of self-reflection. I am very grateful that her magic exists.

What Clients Say

I really do appreciate J. Greathouse. She is a great listener, makes me feel comfortable and opens me to different perspectives in a respectful way.

– M.O.

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