Vibrant  Living

 from your authentic core.

Do you...

  • experience feelings of overwhelm or disconnection from self?

  • feel blockages, stagnancy or numbness?

  • lack clarity when it comes to your life purpose?

  • have the desire to increase joy, balance, and harmony within your life?

The experience offered emphasizes mental health, emotional wellness, and spirituality. The goal is to take you from a place of detachment and confusion to one of connectedness and awareness. A place where you can align with the core of who you are and use that connection as a bridge to discovering inner clarity, purpose, and peace.

Lighthouse Holistic Wellness is an intuitive experience providing space for you to connect to the power of self-healing and personal transformation. Through intentional energy work, a gateway is opened to create a pathway of accessibility to your authentic self while aligning your mind, body, and spirit. This alignment generates empowered energy that is transformative in nature which will lead to increased awareness of self.

About  Lighthouse


Everyone's path to wellness will

look and feel different.

Together, we'll explore and discover the path to your own liberation   and   co-create a healing experience centered around your deepest desires by:

jg arrow.png
  • Identifying current blockages preventing you from expressing and enjoying your full being


  • Releasing past pains and traumas

  • Integrating new belief patterns and thought processes

  • Exploring ways to create sustainable expressions of your highest self


  • Developing skills that support emotional wellness

I am a conduit. A vessel. One who offers healing guidance.

 Reminding you that you are the HEALER. 

Greetings Dear One!

Through holistic medicine, energy work and therapy, I transformed my story of pain and trauma into one of joy, peace, and improved health. I started living from my place of truth and extracted all the gems I had collected along the way that supported my ability to live a heart-centered life.


I am J. Greathouse LPC, LPCC your healing guide.

As a Black Queer Woman, I highly value and create space for how various identities and communites impact our unique healing journey. My specialty areas of focus include working with BIPOC, LGBTQ+, spiritually inclined HSP/Empaths.


I have a passion for disrupting the impact of intergenerational trauma and decolonizing health and wellness practices in order to increase accessibility for those of us who are not always supported and prioritized in mainstream systems of healthcare.


I was led to the field of Holistic energy healing 10 years ago after being diagnosed with a medical condition. I experienced depressive moods at a young age, struggled with over eating for emotional comfort, and navigated the impact of uterine fibroids while using substances, food, people, and things to numb out the pain of the traumas encountered throughout my life. Finding comfort in playing small, safety in being unseen, not trusting my own voice, attempting to fit into boxes but feeling too big, too loud, too queer, not unique enough, not smart enough, or not trendy enough, left me feeling disconnected and depleted.


As a lifelong learner and ambassador of love and light with 15 years of work in community-based health and wellness, I wholeheartedly seek to support others on their journey to optimal wellbeing and self-actualization. My purpose as your Holistic Clinical Therapist and Healing Guide is to identify barriers that may block you from growing and transforming into your fullest potential.


Using the natural medicine available to us, I will guide you in harnessing your internal healing power through wellness coaching, reiki, and intuitive healing guidance by creating a customized experience based around your personal needs. I use these alternative approaches to help my clients move through a series of physical, emotional, and spiritual transitions in the most efficient and transformational ways.


Our Offerings

Clear Energy + Balance Chakras

Reiki is a healing technique based on the principle of free and uninterrupted energy flow. It helps activate the natural healing processed in the body and restores your physical and emotional well being.


Sessions can be conducted in person or through distance healing. Inquire about energetic cleanses for your home/office/personal space.

Group Healing Circles

Working within communities to raise the consciousness of group dynamics. We will explore various interactive techniques that focus on unwrapping the present through mindfulness, designing inner harmony through stress management and building up confidence that will create space for healthy forms of communication.

Holistic Clinical


Holistic Therapy is the fusion of formal mental health practices with natural and intuitive forms of healing. Holistic Therapy will assess individuals as whole entities, rather than through separation. This service is designed to support you while addressing mental health conditions through an integrative whole self-approach. We journey to identify root causes contributing to the condition, not merely treating symptoms.


Available online to residents of California


Healing Guidance

On this journey, we will increase your ability to tap into your personal healing power by utilizing an array of tools gifted to us from Nature and Ancestors. Reinforcing the truth of you being your own healer, we will harness the power of self-healing to increase your capacity to create your distinct path for living a vibrant life.


Sessions can be conducted in person or virtually.

Group Training and Facilitation 

Through the use of interactive techniques, I help you build the confidence needed for healthy communication, provide tools that help you remain centered, and teach you to manage stress.  


Core focus areas include:




-Spirituality in therapeutic spaces 

-Incorporating wellness into the workplace 




I am still in the FLOW of the blessed energy, thanks very much. I will be back!

—  Iyalode  Yeyefini Efunbolade 

The most important journey you can take in this life is the one within yourself