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Lighthouse Holistic Wellness

Vibrant living from your authentic core.

Everyone's path to wellness will look and feel different

Together, we'll explore and discover the path to your own liberation and co-create a healing experience centered around your deepest desires by:


Identifying current blockages preventing you from expressing and enjoying your full being

Releasing past pains and traumas


Integrating new belief patterns and thought processes

Exploring ways to create sustainable expressions of your highest self

Developing skills that support emotional wellness

Everyone's path...

About Lighthouse

Lighthouse Holistic Wellness is an intuitive experience providing space for you to connect to the power of self-healing and personal transformation. Through intentional energy work, a gateway is opened to create a pathway of accessibility to your authentic self while aligning your mind, body, and spirit. This alignment generates empowered energy that is transformative in nature which will lead to increased awareness of self.

I am J. Greathouse LPC, LPCC
your healing guide.
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Clear Energy + Balance Chakras
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Mood Mists
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Healing Guidance
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Holistic Clinical
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Holistic Counseling Mentorship for Therapist


What Clients Say

I really do appreciate J. Greathouse. She is a great listener, makes me feel comfortable and opens me to different perspectives in a respectful way.

– M.O.


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I am a conduit.
A vessel.
One who offers healing guidance.

Reminding you that you are the HEALER. 

–   J. Greathouse

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