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5 ways to simplify your life

How exploring Afrominimalism increased my sense of self

A few days ago I sent out a newsletter with the introduction:

This may be the worst "marketing" e-mail ever, but if it brings you closer to your truth, authenticity & liberation- I am here for it!

As we approach the holiday season we are saturated with sales, offers and deals.

I want to explore the concept of conscious consumerism with you.

"Conscious consumerism, sometimes called ethical consumerism or green consumerism, means consumers deliberately making purchasing decisions that they believe have a positive social, economic, and environmental impact.

In short, it means shopping with sustainably in mind. This can cover either buying a specific product or choosing not to buy anything at all, both are conscious decisions. "

Various leaders in the field of living with less like Christine Platt and Marie Kondo use "need, use, love" as a self inquiry when deciding what to keep and what to release. Will you use it? Do you need it? Do you love it?

Authenticity is a core aspect of taking back your power as a consumer. - Afrominimalist

Pssssst, I am about to tell you a secret that will change your life:

You are ENOUGH

You have ALWAYS been ENOUGH


(pause, how does that land? Is it a hell yea all in your body? Or do you feel a little tightness or resistance?)

Anything you DECIDE to purchase can be a amplifier to that truth. It doesn't determine your value, it is simply reflection of what you choose to share with the world at any given moment.

5 ways to support simplifying your life

Afrominimalist guiding lights for living with less:

  1. I commit to becoming conscious of what I own and what I buy

  2. I choose authenticity over aesthetics

  3. I continue to learn ways to live with intention

  4. I will let go of what no longer serves me

  5. I own things that I need, use and love.

“Remember, the goal is not to become a minimalist. Focus on becoming a more mindful consumer who is content living with what you truly need, use, and love.” -CP

I have found this process to be gentle yet concrete. Although it may bring up tough emotions as we explore our relationship to things & attachment stories to their value- it also opens possibilities of clarity, release & curating a life that is more reflective of your truest self.

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